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​Business information

Business Information

"Impressive" to our customers.

At our company, we accurately catch the "latest" trends, and our customers and business partners

Our policy is to create products that please our customers by incorporating voices.

We are committed to "impression of our customers".

1.  Focusing on fur products,
    Product planning / design / manufacturing

高木ミンク ミシン作業の画像

We plan, design and manufacture products that incorporate trends such as apparel and select shops.

We are able to plan, design, and manufacture products that combine the design capabilities gained through many years of transactions with major apparel manufacturers and the technological capabilities that we have been working on at our own factories.

We also plan, design and manufacture accessories using natural stones by utilizing the know-how cultivated in the production of fur products.

2.  OEM / ODM manufacturing

高木ミンク 工場作業の画像

We manufacture fur products on an OEM and ODM basis.
We also have a factory in China, and it is possible to procure high quality fur from Europe and the United States. We will respond to customer's request from raw material procurement of products to production and delivery.

Manufacture of accessories

We can manufacture all kinds of accessories such as around the hood, collar, and cuff decorations.
We can meet all your needs because we manufacture it according to the product, such as lining, hook-shaped fasteners, fasteners, and buttons.

We will finish each shape according to the pattern received from the customer.
With a production system of 50 domestic factories and 300 Chinese factories, we can handle small lots to large lots.
Since the accessories are common to both Japan and China, we can handle samples and mass production with the same quality.

Please feel free to contact us!

Attached sample

Takagi Mink's Global Network


In order to provide products of satisfactory quality quickly and at low cost , we go to the site to purchase raw materials and purchase them directly.
Mink in America, Fox in Finland, Mouton in Australia ...
Utilizing the know-how and network cultivated over many years, the foot will travel around the world.

国旗 アメリカ.gif
United States
of America
■ Mink  ■ Raccoon
国旗 フィンランド.gif
■ Raccoon  ■ Fox
国旗 デンマーク.gif
■ Mink  ■ Fox
国旗 オーストラリア.gif
■ Mouton (sheep)
国旗 中国.gif
■ Rabbit  ■ Weasel
国旗 日本.gif
■ Cowhide


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ECバナーJewelryMe (4).png

​ Fur / leather products / accessories

Jewelry Me


Kids and baby products specialty store

natural baby


adagietto BLUE
adagietto GOLD
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banner_WEB Catalog.png
banner_Washable Mask.png

3.  Mask manufacturing


We are mass-producing washable 3D masks by utilizing the technology and experience that Takagi Mink has cultivated over many years in product manufacturing.

We are making masks to solve the shortage of masks caused by the new coronavirus that was prevalent in 2020, and we have a track record and trust in selling 200,000 masks a year at our online shop.
Manufactured in the clean room of the head office factory, Takagi Mink's Fukushima factory, Yokohama factory, and Fukuyama factory, and the fabric is also made in Japan, so it is a product that you can use with confidence.

4.  Manufacture of baby and kids products


Takagi Mink, the industry leader in product planning, design, and manufacturing capabilities that combines the design capabilities gained through many years of transactions with major apparel manufacturers and the technological capabilities that he has been working on at his own factories. We manufacture domestic baby and kids products that bring together ideas and ingenuity that are born from a child-rearing support company.

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5.  Wholesale sale of own brand


We sell brands planned, designed and produced in-house to specialty stores all over Japan while building a relationship of trust for many years.

Our own brand of apparel centered on fur

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