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Business Information

Fur business

We all know that our dreams as a company can be realized because we are a manufacturing company.
Understand the significance of being a company and each person's role, and make efforts.
This living organization is ideal and a great force for the future of Takagi Mink.
For each product, for each stitch, for each stitch, for each package ...
We will deliver it with our thoughts.

It can be said that the process of processing and sewing raw leather is the most condensed part of our manufacturing attitude.
We are proud of our unwavering commitment to "providing valuable products."
The "craftsmanship" of skilled engineers is alive at our company.

Fur manufacturing process

1.  Planning / design

Designers come up with product images and ideas for each brand and share their opinions with pattern designers.

While considering the selection of fabrics and sewing factories and costs, we will work together to realize the image of the designer as much as possible and to express a silhouette that looks beautiful when worn by the customer.


2.  Raw material / boarding

We procure raw materials from all over the world to deliver products that satisfy our customers.

From the procured raw materials, we select raw materials that match the image one by one and perform boarding to make it easier to cut.


3.  Cutting / sewing

The fur and lining are cut based on the pattern created by the planning department.

In addition, the cut fur is sewn with the lining by a craftsman while balancing the color and shape, and finished as a product.


4.  Inspection

We carefully check each finished product and strictly inspect it to see if it satisfies our customers.


5.  shipment

We carry out meter reading on all products produced overseas and domestically, and ship them after packaging.

Shipping is the final process of product manufacturing, and we deliver important products to our customers along with the efforts and thoughts of the people involved in product manufacturing.



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