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Jewelery business

Every day I cherish and cherish each small stone with my thoughts on each accessory ...

As well as enhancing the fur business, we will take on the challenge of creating accessories using natural stones, "We want to deliver dreams and healing to our customers through accessories and miscellaneous goods using natural stones."

We think about making such accessories every day and offer products with the hope that our customers' hearts will be enriched.

Manufacturing process of natural stone products

1.  Material selection

Select natural stones according to the product image you want to produce. We will decide the materials and materials to be used while valuing the meaning and combination of materials that the natural stone itself originally has, and at the same time, create a concrete shape according to the image you envisioned.


2.  design

Design while considering the color of natural stone, combination, balance, weight, etc.

The combination of natural stones and materials is endless, and new designs are born every day.


3.  Wire / metal fitting work

Each of the designed natural stones is manually passed through a wire to create a product.

The skilled staff will use metal fittings to prevent the natural stone from loosening, and complete the product.


4.  Inspection / finishing

Perform the final inspection work, such as whether the wire is sticking out and the fasteners are not loose.

In addition, during the inspection work, we check the appearance and balance and finish the product as a full-finished product.


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