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Taking over this long-standing traditional fur company from its predecessor, it was established as a joint-stock company in August 2005, and now has five branches nationwide.

Since our founding, we have been trying to make sincere and sincere products with the motto of "trusted manufacturing".

Providing safe and secure products to meet the needs of customers that change with the times,

And we have been developing our business based on the belief of mutual prosperity of ourselves and others who wished for the prosperity of our business partners.

Thanks to you, we have a good reputation as the top company in the industry.

Without being satisfied with the status quo, the company has always pursued new things and has grown, and we promise to continue to evolve and satisfy our business partners and the consumers who are ahead of us.

As a company that plays a part in the fur industry, we will strive to revitalize the organization and develop human resources, and will continue to be a group that can constantly stay ahead of the times.

As an organization that can contribute to our customers and society, we will continue to take on new challenges.

We look forward to your continued support of Takagi Mink Co., Ltd.

Hirotaka Takagi, Company President

Corporate philosophy


As a long-standing traditional fur company, we have been making sincere and sincere products with the aim of "manufacturing that is trusted" since our establishment.
We will continue to provide safe and secure products while meeting the needs that change with the times.


We will strive to revitalize the organization and develop human resources so that we can contribute to society.
And as a group that can constantly stay ahead of the times, we promise to continue to satisfy our customers by pursuing new things without being satisfied with the current situation.



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