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Privacy policy

Our mission is to "always provide the best service that pleases our customers and contribute to the national community."
In order to achieve this mission, we consider the importance of protecting personal information entrusted to us from customers, personal information acquired by our company, and employee information generated in business operations as the first priority, and individuals under the "Personal Information Protection Policy". We will establish an information protection management system and strive to properly protect personal information.

1. We will clarify the purpose of use of the personal information we have entrusted to you so that you can deposit your personal information with peace of mind, and we will use it only for that purpose and will not use it for any other purpose. ..
2. We will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer.
3. We will comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information protection, guidelines set by the government, and other norms.
4. We will establish a procedure for recognizing the risk of leakage, loss, damage, etc. of the personal information we hold, implement it regularly, and take appropriate preventive and corrective measures.
5. We will promptly respond to customer complaints and consultations.
6. We will regularly review the personal information protection management system regarding the protection of personal information and continuously improve it so that it will be implemented effectively.
7. We will use personal information for the following purposes.
<< Information entrusted by customers >>
◦For product shipping ◦For DM address printing << Employee information >>
◦For salary, time and attendance management and welfare benefits << Information on applicants for employment >>
◦For employment-related contact << Information on retired employees >>
◦For sending withholding slip << Specific personal information >>
◦ Health insurance / welfare annuity insurance-related notification work ◦ Employment insurance-related notification work ◦ Workers' accident compensation insurance law-related notification work ◦ National Pension No. 3 insured-related notification work ◦ Preparation of withholding slip for salary income / retirement income Office work

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