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Child-raising Support

​Child-Raising Support

Balancing work and family

子育て支援 画像

Enriching the lives of employees is
It leads to new ideas and awareness of individuals, and leads to the growth of the company.

You can get out of the way to attend a day for your child's visit or athletic meet,
When your child is not feeling well, other employees follow up on the work, etc.
We are working to create a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind while raising children.

There are still a lot of problems, but we are aiming for a "workplace where you can balance work and family, realize diverse work styles, and continue working."

7 people who took childcare leave in 2020 6 people who took maternity leave last year Male-female ratio 3: 7

There are many female employees, and the child-rearing generation is also active.

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[Holiday leave]

  • 120 days of annual holidays 2 days of weekly holidays Commuting several times a year (according to the company calendar)

  • GW

  • Summer vacation

  • New Year holiday

  • paid holidays

  • Prenatal and postnatal leave

  • Childcare leave

  • special holidays


  • Workers' accident compensation insurance

  • Employment insurance

  • Welfare pension

  • Health insurance

  • Property accumulation system

  • Transportation expenses are provided

  • Employee trip once a year



  • Fully equipped employee parking lot (Headquarters, Fukushima Branch, Yokohama Branch, Kusatsu Branch, Fukuyama Branch)

  • Private use of company cars (Hiace, Estima, Odyssey, etc.)

  • There is a vending machine with a hit (about 10% probability)

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